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Who Is Apsley?

Jacob of Apsley was a musician from the start, asking his parents for a drum kit at the age of just 4. After several toy drum kits that he broke they finally got him a “rock band drum set,” direct quote from 4 year old Jacob. He played music throughout his school years and started a band with his brother in high school, which would later lead to him going on tour when he was only 14. Jacob eventually had the desire to start singing as well. While on tour, Jacob learned how to mix other artists, which led to recording albums for their own projects in their home studio built at their parents' house. Being on tour made him realize his love for Idaho and the desire to spend more time at home. Eventually the band with his brother dissolved and Jacob started writing new music for a new project that would later be known as Apsley. 


Raimey of Apsley has always loved music. She grew up going to band practice with her mom at their local church and dreamt of singing on stage someday. Raimey was nervous to share her voice with anyone so she would sing in her room with the door shut, in the shower or in her car once she was able to drive. Years and years of practicing by herself drove her to want to be a music artist and to create a connection with people. She would write melodies all day long just singing to herself. Raimey was always involved in music, she played the flute for 7 years through middle school and high school and loved being in band class. 


Raimey and Jacob met at the church they grew up in and started dating in 2015. They quickly bonded over their passion for music and started writing together. They started spending more and more time in the studio that Jacob had built in the spare room of his parent’s house writing together and eventually Apsley was born. Starting with the face of Jacob, Apsley became the duo when Raimey took on the name for herself when they were married in 2018. 


They love creating and living in Idaho. The slower paced western state has given them a lot of space from the normal speed of life which is how they like it. Apsley is most inspired when they are spending time together, with their families and exploring the beauty of their state. Jacob and Raimey always talked about how someday they would be able to have a studio at their own home. Once they were married, they moved into their first house and fulfilled that dream by building their very own studio in the backyard. They now write music for Apsley and write and produce for other artists in their studio. 


Since Apsley started they have released 8 singles and are working towards their first album. Apsley has amassed 3,540,000 plays across all platforms.

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